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Our Track Record

A record of support and impact

The EPA Trust has a record of working with our primary and secondary schools,  providing practical support to staff and students and delivering interventions to raise standards of teaching and learning and enable them to achieve their ambitions.

Capacity to support schools

The Trust and its schools have:

  • Teachers and leaders with expertise and experience, ready and able to work with staff and students across all subjects and in all areas of education.
  • Headteachers who have successfully supported schools in challenging circumstances.
  • Heads of Department with the skills and capacity to provide specialist outreach work.
  • A wide range of in-house support services with the capacity and flexibility to help other schools achieve quality and efficiency improvements and achieve cost-savings, including finance, HR & recruitment and site maintenance.
  • Experienced and effective governors, and skills and experience in the development and support of governors to ensure outstanding governance.

Examples of services and support provided to schools

  • Maths – specialist support to improve outcomes of all students led by the School Improvement Officer.
  • English – expertise in the delivery of a range of GCSEs and alternative courses.
  • Modern languages – delivery of curriculum by expert staff with outreach to schools.
  • PE – supporting PE provision, training and coaching staff, managing sports days.
  • Data tracking – providing teaching resources and support to increase numbers of students achieving national benchmarks.
  • Leadership – providing strategic development and leadership support, planning and delivering intervention to help schools to improve their outcomes.
  • Middle leadership – specialist training.
  • Support in recruiting high calibre staff.
  • Strategic development and leadership support.

A record of achievement

All of our schools are predicted to exceed their previous best results in 2022 compared to pre-COVID 2019 results having worked incredibly hard over the last few years despite the challenges all schools have faced.  All of our schools which were in EPA at their last inspection were graded as 'good' or 'outstanding' as rated by Ofsted.