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Eynsham Partnership Academy

Executive Leadership Team


Members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT):

David Brown, CEO

Sarah Arnold, CFO 

James Bird, Director of School Improvement

Craig Thomas, Executive Headteacher, Bartholomew and Heyford Park School

Ginny Bayliss, Executive Headteacher, Eynsham Community and Stanton Harcourt Primary School

Sarah Nickelson, Executive Headteacher, Heyford Park and Hanborough Manor Primary School

Andrew Denham, Headteacher, Standlake Primary School

Jon Jeffries, Headteacher, St Peter's Primary School

Penny McCarthy, Headteacher, Freeland Primary School



Purpose of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT):

To realise the Eynsham Partnership Academy vision of ‘every person learning’ and ensure improved outcomes for children by collaborating with each other, and:

  • To promote a strategic and effective partnership between all schools in the EPA and support and share good practice in all aspects of teaching and learning.
  • To link with external agencies, partners and national bodies in order to facilitate high quality effective peer support.
  • To safeguard children.
  • To support and develop excellence between members through robust professional challenge.
  • To respect each school’s individual ethos, culture, values and identity.
  • To agree and monitor attainment and progress targets.
  • Support each other, taking into consideration the health and well-being of its members.
  • Ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced and is impacting positively on all pupils.
  • To identify potential leaders and support their progression.
  • To develop outstanding teachers and support staff through the highest quality CPD.
  • Moderate assessment judgements.
  • Challenge and support each other on areas of under-performance.
  • Recognise and aspire to excellence.
  • Agree procedures and protocols within the group to ensure we have similar aspiration, ambition, expectation and standards in our schools.
  • Celebrate success across the Partnership.
  • Respond to national and local initiatives.