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The Eynsham Partnership Academy (EPA) was founded to provide the best possible education for all young people in our communities and for those outside of our communities who choose to attend our member academies.  The essence of this is that all the academies in the EPA have committed to working together to generate excellence in their educational provision so that all students within all academies receive the best possible educational opportunities and experiences available to them.


Our belief is that all young people can succeed if they have access to exceptional education in an empathetic, supportive education environment.  It is our ambition to provide this for all the students in our academies.


The primary aim of the EPA is to ensure that all member academies develop in their students a deep and sustained passion for learning, alongside the academic and character skills necessary to achieve their ambitions, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life as global citizens.



We expect every member of the EPA community to take responsibility for shaping their future and be instrumental in shaping the futures of their communities. At its inception, the EPA academies collaboratively developed a set of core values which need to be embedded in all of the academies whilst allowing each academy to develop a distinctive identity, appropriate to the academy’s designation and relevant to its local community.


The starting point for the creation of the EPA was the development of these agreed, overarching aims for the EPA that all the academies subscribe to and will work to deliver.


These aims can be summarised as:

  • Raising aspirations
  • Promoting thinking
  • Developing leaders
  • Building community
  • Ensuring well-being
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Embracing the future


These overarching aims are being used to develop a common ethos and approach to providing the kind of education that we aspire to for all our young people and that strives to deliver excellence across all areas of that education. These aims are broadened out to give us our objectives, the outcomes that we are aiming for, the impacts that we are trying to achieve, and the EPA development plans that will enable us to reach these ambitious goals.